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At ANIMAL INN, we take great pride in our outstanding facilities for dogs and in the loving care our canine guests receive every day of the year.  Please join us for a tour of our kennel....   


Our Kennel Exterior

Each patio suite has two parts -- an inside area and and outside area, which are separated by a dog door.  This type of arrangement is also known as an indoor/outdoor run.  Because concrete is the only really cleanable surface, our dog suites have all-concrete floors both inside and out.  To give your dog a sense of security from his next-door neighbor and to protect his health, each patio suite is separated from the next by a solid wall, inside and out. 

For extra security, every patio is partially or totally Our Kennel Interiortop-covered with fence panels to thwart a would-be fence jumper or climber. To complete the picture, the patio is fully protected from the rain and sun with a roof which extends several feet beyond the patio suites. 

Since our suites and doors are extra large for your pet’s comfort, we are easily able to accommodate any size or breed of dog. 

ANIMAL INN provides clean, comfortable bedding which is washed daily for sanitary purposes. 

Our top-quality facilities contain apartments for live-in around-the-clock attendants so that pet care personnel are on the premises 24 hours a day. They let the dogs out into the outdoor runs between 8 and 10 p.m. each evening, check their bedding and water, and at bedtime, close them in for the night. 

Dogs are fed each day between 4 and 5 p.m. and fresh water is always available.  Puppies under 6 months of age are usually fed 2 times per day.  We do suggest that puppies remain on puppy food, so plan to bring what he/she is accustomed to eating and we will note your instructions at check in.  Dogs on prescription diets can be fed 2 times a day upon request.  For dogs that are nervous or preoccupied, bowls are left down throughout the evening to give them plenty of opportunity to eat their food.  Iams Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food is provided as part of the boarding fee.  You may also bring canned food to add to the dry food or bring what your pet is used to. 

Incoming dogs are normally treated for fleas and ticks with a gentle but effective pyrethrin product for a modest charge.  You, as the pet owner have the option of applying Advantix, Flea4X, Flea5X, FrontlinePlus, ParastarPlus, PetArmour or Vectra 3D in our presence instead of having your dog dipped.   Any of these products can be purchased from PetMeds on-line or at 1 800 PETMEDS or at your local pet supply store or at Walmart or Target.

If your dog has any health issues in which he or she should not be dipped, please have your vet fax an explanation letter to us.  We de-flea dogs the year round because the flea season in Houston never ends. Our dips and sprays can safely be used along with any other flea control agent.  If your dog has ticks upon entry, please let us know so that we can remove them prior to entering the boarding area. 

We make every effort to contact your veterinarian should the need arise since he or she knows your dog and has the appropriate medical records.  If your veterinarian is unavailable or is more than 10 miles away, we contact one of several that are available to us on a 24-hour basis. 

MEDICATIONS . Morning medications are administered between 7:15 a.m. and 7:45 a.m.  Afternoon medications are administered between 4-5 p.m.  Once-daily medications are usually given with the evening feeding unless we are instructed otherwise.  We can distribute medications up to 2 times per day upon request.  

We require annual Rabies and DHLP/Parvo for dogs 3 years and under and every 3 years thereafter.  We also require a yearly Bordatella/Parainfluenza vaccine to provide protection against common, contagious varieties of tracheo-bronchitis (a.k.a. "canine cough", "kennel cough").  Although the Bordatella vaccine does not prevent all strains of tracheo-bronchitis, it is effective for most strains.  Lastly,we require the CIV-Canine Influenza Virus vaccine.  Initially, this is a 2 part vaccine, that is done 2 weeks apart, then will be required annually thereafter.  We advise you to vaccinate your dog at least 2 weeks in advance to allow it to be more effective.  

On major holidays, Animal Inn sometimes uses very large cage spaces for the very smallest dogs staying with us.  Dogs occupying cage space are taken outside for exercise and potty breaks 3 times per day in our large pampering yards and they receive a great deal of hands-on care and attention during these sessions. 

We have an 800 number which you may use to check on your dog when you are away.  The toll-free number is 1-800-688-PETM; that is, 1-800-688-7386.  This number is available everywhere within the United States.  Please use the local number within local area codes 713, 832, 346 and 281

For reservations and information, please call (281)277-2727.  We are unable to take reservations over the internet or by FAX as we need to ask questions and update our records.